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What is the most important element to consider if you are going to have a skylight installed in your roof? Surprisingly, it is not the skylight, but the installer. In our opinion, it is imperative that a licensed, experienced installer be employed who understands the product they are installing and who has vast experience installing the identical product. After all, the skylight may be inexpensive, but your home is not, and without proper installation, leaks may be the result, and repairing leak damage can cost more than the skylight did! Jack Randall, licensed General & Glazing Contractor and skylight fabricator since 1979, advises. “Carefully check out the company who purports to be an expert in the field. Find out how long they have been licensed, what kind of installations have they successfully completed. Are they advising you to get a permit if one is necessary in your area, are they insured? What is their standing with the State Contractors Licensing Board? Also, are the products they are selling structurally sound in terms of materials and sealing ability; and how long is the guarantee? After all, most skylight products require assembly. Therefore, it is imperative the installer be familiar with the product.” These are important considerations, especially ten years after the job is done. It doesn’t take a miracle to have a skylight properly made or installed, but it does take a knowledgeable, licensed fabricator and installer. For more information about skylights, you can call Lighten Up at (800) 923-4777, or go to Contact Us page…

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