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    Superior Fescue Sod Pick-up: $0.31 per square foot. Delivery: $0.35 per square foot plus a $65.00 delivery fee. For orders over 1000 square feet, the delivery fee is waived! Minimum delivery order is 500 square feet. St. Augustine Order: We can special order St. Augustine to have available for pick-up OR delivery. Please call for more information. Fertilizers 5lb bag of Sod & Seed Starter: $10.00 20lb bag of Sod & Seed Starter: $20.00 20lb bag of Winter Gem Fertilizer: $25.00 20lb bag of Royal Flush Fertilizer: $20.00 Seed 5lb Bag: $17.00 25lb Bag: $60.00 Sod Knives Curved/serrated blade: $3.00

    Installation ——————————————————————————–
    Step 1: Remove Your Old Lawn (If Applicable) First you need to kill the existing lawn. We recommend using ROUND UP. After the first application and removal of the dead lawn, water the area to see if there are any remaining weeds or growth. If so, use a second application of ROUND UP. Now you can be sure that you have killed the old lawn thoroughly!

    Step 2: Prepare the Area You need the area to be free of any weeds and rocks. Rake and remove if needed. You want the soil to be rich with nutrients for the best chance of growing a healthy green lawn. If your soil is dry and lacking nutrients, you can purchase soil amendments at any local nursery that can be mixed into your soil. (If you have a larger area, a rototiller can be rented at any local nursery). Make sure that the area is smooth and level to lay the sod down. If it is a small enough area, you can do so with the back of a shovel. (If you have a larger area, a sod roller can be rented at any local nursery).

    Step 3: Irrigation System Water is the key ingredient to ensuring that your lawn remains healthy and green. Adequate water coverage is essential. Having a proper irrigation system installed is a vital component of our one year guarantee. For more details on how much watering is needed, see the ‘Watering’ section under ‘Guides’ on our website.

    Step 4: Measure and Order To place your order, you will be required to know the amount of sod needed in square feet. In order to do this, measure the length times the width. If you have a more complex shape than a square or rectangle, you can measure each area separately, and then add them all together for your total square footage. (Feel free to call us with any questions on measuring). Now you are ready to place your order! We deliver 7 days a week and are able to deliver the next day as long as your order is placed by noon the day before. Be prepared to install your sod the same day that it is delivered. Place your order at 714-988-4122.

    Step 5: Install Upon delivery, the sooner you can install the sod the better. Remember, this is a live plant and is subject to damage from the elements such as sun, wind, rain etc. Lay the sod in an overlaying pattern, staggering the pieces like brick wo


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