Advanced Overhead Garage Storage

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Advanced Overhead Storage is the leader in providing the highest quality overhead storage rack systems. Started in 2005, we have been the low price leader in southern California for the past 5 years. We offer the Heavy Duty Overhead Storage Racks at a guaranteed lowest price. Because of our high load capacity, we also include our unique DOUBLE BEAM EARTHQUAKE BRACKETS. When spanning two ceiling beam, other rack suppliers only place one lag bolt per beam. Our EXCLUSIVE DOUBLE BEAM EARTHQUAKE BRACKETS adds an additional bolt in each beam. This gives you the confidence of having twice as many bolts securing your rack to each ceiling beam. This important safety feature is not used with other rack system While other racks only use one cross frame tie-support, while we make our frame stronger by using 3 frame tie-supports! And some racks have NO cross frame tie-supports. The purpose of the cross frame tie-supports is to keep the 8 foot beams from twisting under load. Why not have the strongest frame possible? Our exclusive BOLTED DOWN/3-WIRE/SCRATCH-PROOF DECKS are another exclusive feature that no other racks use. Most racks use a 2-wire grid deck that sits loosely on the top of the rack frame. These 2-wire style are not bolted down and can actually scratch the front of the frame finish. We use a 3-wire grid deck that adds additional strength to the overall rack. Of course these 3-wire decks are stronger than 2-wire decks and are bolted to the frame.


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