Let It Roll With Roll Up Doors

When someone mentions roll up doors, you probably think of those store front doors that roll up above the doors when the business is closed. But think again. Roll up doors are not just for warehouses or mansions. Today you’ll find many attractive luxury models that are popular and used as functional barriers between areas dividing one area from another.

Just imagine if in your back yard you have a beautiful swimming pool, and a portion of your yard has a large bar area with adult beverages. When the bar is not in use it would be a good idea to close it off especially to children. A roll up door would serve the purpose of keeping the area closed and locked against intruders.

Another use of the roll up doors is gaining popularity in private homes where a room is large and one area needs to be closed off possibly for a bedroom.

Still other areas where the roll up door would be helpful is in a garage or home workshop. The benefit of the roll up door would protect the items behind it and close and lock the area whether made from mesh or industrial metal.

The doors are not flimsy like the roll up shades used on many windows. They are made with strong structural integrity and still have the ease of operation and space saving abilities. They have small interlocking, horizontal panels that run along a track and flex at each joint.

This allows them to roll up as they are retracted. They come in both manual and mechanized models.

The fronts are made from shop front steel mesh doors and industrial metal models to elegant, stained wood varieties. You’ll be amazed at the many types available for everyday use, and the fact that they are now being installed in private homes opens up an entirely new function for the doors.

Whether you plan to install the roll up door in a warehouse, an upscale bar, a dress or sport shop, many install the retractable barrier in a home between the kitchen and living room. Their biggest attraction is that when the doors are open they are almost invisible at the top of the door or against the ceiling. When they are in the closed position, they offer high security barriers when no one else is around.

For those interested in roll up doors for business or homes, contact a roll up door specialist, retailer or installer. They will show you the many varieties available for all types of doors and barriers.

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