Natural Wood Fencing

Natural wood fences are popular today because they are relatively easy to install and maintain, and offer both privacy and security as well. As long as the maintenance is kept up and repaired when the wind and weather damages them, they will live a long life. However before you start the project, check out the differences in wood both for their upkeep, durability and cost.

Pine and cedar are two of the most popular woods for wood fencing. Pine is less expensive, and it is usually chemically treated to be more durable with less insect damage. Cedar has a natural substance that makes it weather and bug resistant.

There are two types of cedar, red or white cedar. Red cedar is usually used for fencing and is an ideal choice. Fence contractors recommend that you use the wood that is native to your area, so they choose red cedar for the west and white cedar for the eastern part of our country. Both have the natural oils that resist weather and rot.

If you’re looking for a way to save money, check out the pressure treated lumber when you build your fence. It won’t hold up as good as cedar and you may experience some cracking and splitting with that type of lumber.

Regardless of the wood you choose, it will probably be necessary to treat the wood fencing on a regular basis. Treating and repairing your fence will increase the longevity of your fence.

Installation is also important and for the handyman homeowner be sure to research the techniques before you begin. There are several options as to style and type of fencing and you must decide if you want privacy and security or just a fence to separate your property from your neighbor.

Building and installing a fence takes a bit of practice and if you find that you don’t want to spend all the time on your fence, there are many contractors who will build it for you. They will buy and transport the necessary equipment to get the job done in record time. They also know the rules for fencing ones property so you won’t get in trouble with the local authorities.

Go online to find a local fence supplier or installation company. Most will come to your property and give you a free quote for the fence you want and need. Before you know it your fence will be surrounding your property line and give you the peace of mind knowing it will last a long time.

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