Learn to Share with a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Sounds nice especially if you have more than one child, and when they have to share one bathroom, trouble looms. However when you set up some rules, everyone will be happier when they obey them. If you have the ability and the where-with-all your best bet to save your sanity may be to hire a contractor who specializes in solving a family’s bathroom problems. You’ll be amazed at the solutions waiting for a family and a contractor will help you make those decisions.

A mutual bathroom between two bedrooms may be the best answer. Each door needs a lock on both sides, and when one is finished and forgets to unlock both doors, nothing has been gained. If that happens more than once, you may have to remove the locks, so let them be the judge. If they value their own privacy, then they must learn to share and share alike.

Another alternative may be to close off the shower and toilet, and install a two sink countertop in the outer room. You could also install Individual sinks against the bathroom wall within the bedrooms. That may not work if when the children grow and leave home you plan to use their bedrooms for an office or guest room.

Older children demand privacy and you’ll want to take that into consideration. You don’t want your rooms to feel like a dorm. They should be a place where each person has their own place and the bathroom is normally a shared place. It may be necessary to have them shower before going to bed at night. Then first thing in the morning they could wash and leave the room for someone else.

If that would work in your home, try it and have everyone who needs to use the bathroom have another place where they can dress and prepare for the day. Girls need mirrors, so have a dresser for them with an extra drawer for their cosmetics, etc. Boys should as well, but whether they’d even use it would depend on the boy.

Large families learn to adjust, they learn to share first with their families, then when they go out into the world. Sharing is part of living and they learn that at home. However when a family is able and willing to invest in their homes to make it more suitable for each member, a Jack and Jill Bathroom will make the beginning of each day a pleasure instead of one filled with stress.

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