Custom Home Plans for Every Homeowner

When you have plans to build your own custom home there are many ways you may choose to go. One is to hire an architect to draw out the plans for you. An architect will have the knowledge to put your drawings down including of course the floor plan, but there are other things he or she brings to the table.

The plans have to be approved by a local housing agency and that in itself can be a difficult and costly proposition. The plans must include a site plan, the exterior elevations, electrical plans, wall sections, door and window plans, roof plans and foundation plans and of course that floor plan along with other documents.

The sewage treatment and water drainage have to be included in the initial set of plans. They draw them to scale, and once the building is started government officials inspect the property to make sure all of the regulations have been followed to a T.

If all of that doesn’t scare you, other regulations like removing indigenous plants and trees that are protected by agencies may come onto the scene. And there’s more, but let’s not get stopped before we even begin.

Your second alternative is to buy custom home plans, and your new home may then look like several other homes in your community.  If that doesn’t bother you go for it. However if you want an original custom home plan you can tweak those other plans to make a small difference. Or start from scratch, put your own thoughts down on paper and go find an architect who is willing to create a unique custom plan.

Sure they charge, many by the hours they spend preparing your home to your specifications. Try to find an architect who listens to you. If they insist on their own ideas, tell them “no thanks” and find another. Remember though, they can’t read your mind so be specific.

Many times prospective homeowners make drastic changes every time they meet with the professional. If that is the case with you, prepare to pay for those changes. You really do have other choices. An architect can draw up the plans entirely and often they charge by the square footage of the home; or you could have a consultant help you with custom home designs, and they charge by the hour.

The best advice for the prospective homeowner is to be sure what you want in your new home, then interview more than one professional. Check their references and start the process, there’s no time like the present.

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