Checklist: How to Hire a Handyman

One of the first things you’ll want to do before you hire a handyman is ask if he has references. Take down the number and call to make sure he is honest and reliable. Check him out when you hire a handyman to do any job. Be sure he understands the job. Does he charge by the job or by the hour and how much does he charge? These are things you need to know before you hire him.

Another idea to find a good hard working handyman is to check with your neighbors, family and friends. Their handyman may be the perfect fit for small jobs around your home. In today’s world a good handyman is similar to a good mechanic, and once you find them you’ll want to keep them busy. They’ll do the projects that will free the homeowner from working the entire weekend.

Next you’ll need to know what you want him to fix so check around your home, and make a list of the things. Normally he’ll do things like paint, tile & caulk, small plumbing and electrical problems. He’ll need to be qualified to do any number of jobs around your home.

When you finish checking the inside of your home, look outside as well. The gutters may need to be cleaned out and/or repaired. The windows and door insulation need to be in good condition in order for your home to run efficiently. Your sprinkler system may also need repairs. Many may prefer your gardener, if you have one, to take care of that. Pressure washing your home may be another project for a handyman.

Other outside jobs may include cleaning out and replacing the pads on the water cooler and that will be a messy job that many homeowners don’t want to tackle.

You’ll be able to find many small jobs for a good honest and dependable handyman. Many may work under the umbrella of a contractor who handles the insurance, license, and bond issues.

When you find a good handyman hang on to him and tell your friends about him. He may even give you discounts if you refer him to others. Just be sure he is a good fit for your home and family by checking him out before you hire him. Then you may want him to do one small job and as time wears on and trust enters the picture, give him more things to do. When you take care of your handyman, he’ll take care of you.

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